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Sidey SSH models combine an earlier flat Helleberg type rim,  more open throats, and the advantages of Stainless Steel in a standard lighter weight mouthpiece
SSH models are articulation "monsters" that also allows the horn stay very true to colour with an exceedingly  pure, clear sound and almost effortless broad range!

photo compares to a LOUD 32.6 rim
(similar to Laskey 30H/Schilke Helleberg II rims)
other mouthpieces are even much more rounded...
SSH models use a rarer earlier Helleberg type flatter rim with sharper bite than typical mouthpieces and even most Helleberg variants.

this allows for greatly improved articulation and flexibility

The smooth feel of Stainless allows for the use of a sharper rim with less fatigue than in brass mouthpieces.

Sharper rims assist in reducing excessive lip pressure on the rim for improved technique.
Stainless offers the slippery warm feel of gold plating for fast easy adjustments with less fatigue.

Are the SSH models for everyone?   No they are not
but they are the missing links for light stainless with a narrow, flat  yet sharp rim
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